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Living Lettuces & Mixes

We grow perfect, clean, flavorful  lettuces in abundance, year-round. Vibrant color, crisp and fresh, grown without pesticides in safe environments protected from animal and human pathogens. Bibb, Oakleaf, Frisee, Kalera Krunch, and mini-Romaine.

Perfect Micro Greens

We grow specialized micro greens from non-GMO seeds. Delicate, colorful, and tasty, these are popular with Chefs who use them to add surprising accents to their creations:  Spicy, Mild, Purple Radish, Cilantro, Broccoli, Mizuna, and Pea shoots.

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Our technology simply means we can deliver an abundance of unparalleled quality produce. Kalera grows a wide variety of produce locally that is safer, cleaner and better tasting.

We have a full-service local delivery option for restaurants and food service, under the HyTaste brand. We also offer living plants and selected mixes for sale at grocery stores as Kalera.


Some of our current product range is shown below. We serve the restaurant and food trade, including resorts and the cruise industry. Talk to us about setting up an account. We also have a range of retail products for delivery to the grocery trade.

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